The Found Art Project

I Am Magic

There is beauty and magic in all of us...

 The Found Art Project is seeking humans of all shape, size, gender, race, and ability who need a self esteem boost. Those who are brave enough to help show that there is beauty and magic in all of us. Including themselves.

We are also seeking photographers, body and face painters, makeup artists, mandala creators, energy cleansers, and creators of magic to join forces and create a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our goal is a collaborative project to inspire, create, and improve self-image. 

Event scheduled for June 24 from 6pm - 11 pm.

Event Location: Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202

Space will be limited

No full nude photography.


 Follow the link below to sign up for this show:

I Am Magic - Google Sign Up Form